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Benefits of Live-In Care Versus Residential Care – Why Having Care Come To Your Home is ALWAYS The Better Option – Complete Live-In Care From £725

live-in care

There may come a time in your life where due to critical illness, an unforeseen accident or due to progressive aging may lead you or a dear family member needing support and care. This may leave family members of those in need of support and care in the dilemma of choosing the right type of care for that individual. 

If you are already considering residential care for your parents or relatives, it may be that their condition is past the barring of visiting care and support at home and that this person needs more consistent and substantial support. Therefor a Live-In Home Care service could be another option to consider.  Starting from just £725.

The Benefits of Live-In Care 

Live-In Care is a great option for those who need consistent help and support at a fraction of the cost of residential care, with many additional benefits. 

One on One Care – With Churchill Home Care’s Live-In Home Care Services we can match a carer for your relative who is a fully qualified, experienced, and the empathetic person at heart. Your designated carer will be dedicatedly looking after their ONE customer for weeks at a time, and will not share or split this time with any other patients. This means that your loved one will have their sole support and companionship. This kind of care is completely bespoke and catered especially to suit the exact needs of your loved one. 

This kind of one-on-one support is not practical or available in a care home. 

An Independent Environment – It has been shown than the elderly and people living with disabilities do better and thrive for longer where they can keep an independent life for as long as possible. Having a Live-In Carer does not mean that their life will be dictated or changed, but rather catered towards. Meaning that our customers can still choose how they want to spend their day and what kind of support they want and need. Much of this independence is taken away wit residential care. Our dedicated care services can even help your relative maintain a mobile and social lifestyle by assisting with mobility and transport. Our carers can accompany your loved ones to events and appointments as well as helping with running errands and household chores. 

An independent lifestyle is not possible in a care home environment as the patient would have to comply with the routine and schedule of the staff.

live-in care

The familiarity of Staying In Their Own Home – Staying in the comfort of their home makes a difference in our customer’s happiness. Many customers do not want to leave the place where they have so many happy memories and feel most comfortable. Our care services can completely cater to your loved one’s home environment and can even look after couples who need care. Our carers understand that your loved ones’ home is a safe and sentimental place. Our services also include household chores, feeding pets, and running errands to ensure that your relative’s home is still running smoothly. 

A care home would offer a communal lifestyle, meaning a more social environment, but also a lack of independence and privacy and the ability to live as an individual. 

Churchill Home Care’s Live-In Care Service starts from just £725.00 which is a FRACTION of the cost of residential care.

For more information about the Hourly Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’.

For more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’ for a direct link to our price plans and home care packages.

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