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How Live-In Home Care Can Help Protect Your Elderly Family From COVID-19 Starting at £725

live-in care

Corona Virus or COVID-19 has quickly and drastically changed everyone’s lives for the foreseeable future, and even longer for the elderly population of over 70’s. In this blog, we will discuss how Live-In Home Care can help protect the older members of our family.

The legally enforced lockdown has meant that all but essential workers are confined to their homes throughout the country and in our local communities of Halifax, Huddersfield, and the surrounding areas. But what does this mean for our elderly neighbors and relatives?

It means that even if they are abiding by the government’s advice and staying home, they still could be put at risk by coming into contact with their family members who act as caregivers. This is because those family members are still having limited access to the community by having to go to the supermarket and supply shopping and living with others in the household who may be key workers.

The risk of cross-contamination to an elderly person is too great to take as we know the deadly effects of coronavirus on the older population. Science has proven that COVID-19 is one of the most deadly viruses the world has seen to date. Those most at risk and vulnerable are our over 70’s, and sadly it is our elderly that are usually in the most need of physical home support

But how do we support our aging relatives throughout Kirklees and Calderdale when they need our care and support BUT – we do not want to risk the cross contraction of COVID-19?

Keep your elderly family members safe by keeping them at home with complete quality care. Churchill Home Care provides personal Live-In Home Care of the highest standard for our elderly community within the realms of Huddersfield, Halifax, Elland, and surrounding areas.

Our Live-In Home Care packages ensure that your family member gets complete care from the comfort and safety of their own home, with the lowest risk of cross-contamination of COVID-19. This is because one of our dedicated and professionally trained home care workers will be living and supporting your relative 24/7 from one week to three weeks at a time, drastically reducing the risk of cross-contamination from the community.

Our health professionals are fully qualified and can provide quality and respective care from personal care and hygiene, help, and support with cooking and cleaning and other household jobs, to administrating medication, help with pets, around the clock support (even throughout the night) and of course most important of all, companionship.

This high level – but essential care allows relatives to be relatives rather than carers and nurses, we understand that sometimes life transition like these can be hard and emotionally and physically demanding on the caregivers of the family, which is why Churchill Home Care came up with a complete solution to support families in our local community. Churchill Home Care provides full domiciliary home care throughout Kirklees and Calderdale as well as Live-In Home Care nationwide from London, to York. For more information on our cities and locations where we operate please click ‘here’. Our Live-In Care packages start from £725 dependent on what the individual we are caring for needs and requires.

For more information on the health and safety coronavirus guidelines please click ‘here’ which will take you directly to the official.GOV website.

For any other elderly support please click ‘here’ which will take you directly to the Age UK website.

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