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Corona Virus – How We Can Help To Protect Our Elderly And Vulnerable Within Our Communities Home Support From £17 Per hour

Huddersfield & Halfax Live-in Home Care

Corona Virus or Covid-19 has forced us all to live life differently over recent months. The government has had to enforce never before seen measures to ensure the safety and well being of our population. Home Support can significantly improve the lives of the elderly currently living in complete isolation.

The Covid-19 Pandemic which first arose in China has rapidly spread from continent to continent and has been present here in our northern local community of Kirklees and Calderdale. 

Strict lockdown and social distancing measures have been enforced for two months already, and are due to stay in place for the foreseeable future. For the elderly, social distancing and lockdown may well continue for up to another twelve months, making it an incredibly lonely and isolating time for some of our older neighbors and family members who may be on their own. 

As a community what can we do to support our elderly?

We all want to feel like we are doing our bit to help out in whatever way we can during the coronavirus pandemic but we must abide by the government’s advice in maintaining social distancing. Below are some ideas of how we can support our elderly neighbors whilst maintaining safe social distancing measures: 

1) Pick Up The Phone – A friendly chat will never go a miss. Some older people often go days and weeks without talking to another human being and therefore feel very lonely, this is a problem which ‘Age UK’ are actively trying to combat. However, COVID-19 has meant that people are having to stay away from one another and stay home. Use your time at home to call an elderly family friend, relative or neighbor, and check in on them – it will probably make their entire day! 

Huddersfield & Halfax Live-in Home Care

2) Drop off Supplies – If your elderly friend or relative needs some essentials and supplies, offer to do the trip to the supermarket for them. Of course, ensure that you comply with all the governments issued social distancing and hygiene measures for your safety. Supplies can be collected and dropped at their doorstep meaning that you both are still able to comply with safe social distancing as well as offering help. 

Huddersfield & Halfax Live-in Home Care

3) Make Use Of Technology – If you have an elderly friend or relative who would love to Facetime, Skype or Zoom chat with their family, try and see if you can talk them through the process over the phone. This may be difficult but it is worth a try if they have an Ipad or tablet it would make a big difference to them to be able to see a friendly face! 

Huddersfield & Halfax Live-in Home Care

At Churchill Home Care we understand that this is not always available to all of the older members of the community, which is why we offer bespoke Home Support within Huddersfield, Halifax, and surrounding areas.  Our Home Support starts from just £17.00 per hour.

For more information on the health and safety coronavirus guidelines please click ‘here’ which will take you directly to the official.GOV website.

For any other elderly support please click ‘here’ which will take you directly to the Age UK website.

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