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Home Care Safety Recommendations for The Elderly

Churchill Home Care Home Care Safety Recommendations

Churchill Home Care has put together a few home care safety recommendations to help improve the safety around the home for the elderly. These, along with either our Hourly Care or Live-In Care services help make it possible for them to remain in the comforts of their own homes. Our Hourly Care starts from just £18 per hour and our Live-In Care from £725 per week.

Assisting with Memory

First off for our home care safety recommendations, we will be addressing memory. It can become incredibly frustrating for the elderly who are struggling with memory loss, especially when they can’t remember something simple. You can help assist by leaving a list of emergency numbers and contacts, as well as the numbers of family and friends in large print next to the phone. Leaving notes and labels around the home can also be of great value, for instance, a notecard with instructions for the TV remote, or labels for which plug does what.

Preventing Falls

There are many things that you can do to help prevent falls such as removing any rugs, especially ones that do not have rubberised grips as they become a tripping hazard and tent to slide. Encourage them to use their cane or walker if they have one rather than holding onto furniture to move around. Make sure that their home has clear paths for them to move around in without any obstructions or trip hazards on the floor such as shoes. Ensuring that they have a cordless phone removes the need for them to ‘rush’ to answer the phone, which is quite a common cause of falls in the elderly.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one of the most common places for accidents to occur for all of us, so it can be especially more common for the elderly. There are a few things that you can do to help make it safer, such as installing grab bars next to the toilet and in the shower or bath. You could also replace the toilet seat with a raised toilet seat with handlebars making it easier to stand and sit. Placing rubber mats in the bath or shower can also help to prevent slipping, if the bathroom has a tiled floor then a rubber bath mat can also help to prevent falls. Shower chairs can also be of great use, particularly for those who have trouble standing for any length of time.

When Churchill Home Care helps to create a bespoke care plan for loved ones, we also conduct a full risk assessment around the home, to ensure that any necessary safety measures are put in place. This not only helps us to deliver home care efficiently but also helps to promote peace of mind. We hope that you have found our home care safety recommendations useful.

For more information about the Hourly Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’.

Please click ‘here’ for more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide.

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