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Live-In Home Care Advantages

Live-In Home Care

There are many Live-In Home Care advantages, it allows your loved one to remain at home and to maintain much of their independence, it’s a fantastic alternative to residential care homes, especially in these uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic. We provide Live-In Home Care from as little as £725 per week, a fraction of the cost of a nursing home.

Maintaining their independence is one of the huge Live-In Home Care advantages for your loved ones. Losing their independence can be a daunting experience and nursing homes can massively affect their independence and dignity. Being able to remain in their own homes allows them to continue with their daily routine with the assistance of their Live-In Carer. Even simple things like deciding when they would like to have their Lunch or having a shower can help them to maintain their independence.

Live-In Home Care is often more affordable than residential care, while the cost of Live-In Care can vary based on your loved ones needs and requirements, in most cases it is still a fraction of the cost of residential care with the added advantage of being able to receive one-on-one care throughout the day seven days a week.

Being able to remain at home also means that your loved one can remain close to neighbours, family and friends. They can also have guests over whenever they like for as long as they like and do not have to adhere to set visiting times. This is a huge advantage as it helps them to not feel isolated if they’ve been used to regularly seeing family or friends.

Live-In Home Care is also more flexible than Hourly Care or a nursing home. this is as your loved one will not have to stick to a schedule if they do not wish too. They can choose as and when they eat, sleep, bathe or even go out for a cup of coffee to the local cafe.

We understand that everyone is different so we will always work closely with you and your loved one to create a tailored care plan that is suitable for their needs and requirements. This will be regularly reviewed so it can be adjusted should they feel they would like more or even less care.

Not only do we match your loved one with a carer based on their needs, but also based on their personality, demeanour, interests and hobbies. So that our carer is more than a carer, but also a companion.

Please click ‘here’ for more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide.

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