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Motor Neurone Disease Care

Churchill Home Care Motor Neurone Disease Care

Motor Neurone Disease is a progressive disease that mainly affects mobility and speech, which can cause both physical and emotional challenges. Churchill Home Care offers Motor Neurone Disease Care to help improve you or your loved one’s quality of life and independence.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This rare condition affects the nerves or motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord. The messages that these nerves send to the muscles begin to weaken and stop reaching the muscles, resulting in mobility becoming an increasing challenge, such as walking, gripping, speaking, swallowing and even breathing. Motor Neurone Disease Care affects everyone in different ways, however, the most common symptoms include muscle weakens, muscle cramps, muscle spasms, pain and discomfort, stiff joints, speech problems, swallowing difficulties, weak coughing, breathing issues, changes to behaviour and inappropriate emotional responses.

Churchill Home Care Motor Neurone Disease Care

As we know that MND can affect everyone differently our Motor Neurone Disease Care is tailored to you based on your needs and requirements, we also regularly review your care plan due to the progressive nature of the disease, to ensure that you are always receiving the best possible care. Our Motor Neurone Disease Care allows you to remain in the comfort and safety of your own home, which helps reduce stress when it’s needed least and helps you to maintain much of your independence.

We provide both Hourly Care from just £18 per hour for those who just require an extra bit of help and full Live-In Care from £725 per week for those with more severe symptoms.

The Motor Neurone Disease Care Plan that we will put together for you will depend on your medical and personal requirements. We will also take into account your personality, interest and hobbies so that we can match with a fully trained and certified carer who not only will be able to provide the support you need but will also become a companion.

For more information about the Hourly Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’.

For more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’ for a direct link to our price plans and home care packages.

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