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Overnight Home Care

Churchill Home Care Overnight Care

Churchill Home Care understands that not everyone’s needs are the same, therefore we can tailor an overnight home care package based on individual needs and requirements.

Home care at Churchill doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Our carers can provide overnight care ensuring your loved ones can comfortably rest at ease through the night in the comfort of their own home.

You may find you need night-time care if yourself or a loved one feels uncomfortable being left alone. One-to-one night care from one of our fully trained professional carers provides security to assist your loved one with any needs of care during the night.

Night-Time Care Provides:

  • Support with administering medication.
  • Toilet assistance.
  • Help with changing position in bed.
  • Better health by being able to rest through the night.
  • Someone on hand for those living with progressive conditions.
  • Peace of mind for your family knowing someone is on-hand.

Churchill offers a trustworthy, reliable and loving night care service putting both your and your loved one’s mind at ease in the comfort of their own home.

Churchill Home Care Overnight Care

Churchill Home Care offers three main options for night care:

  • Nightly support from your live-in carer
  • Nightly support from a waking carer
  • Nightly support from a respite carer

As always we understand the importance of different needs and we are flexible to work with you to build the right level of care.

Nightly Support From Your Live-In Carer 

A sleeping night for a carer is a service we provide where your 24-hour live-in carer will stay in your home to support your overnight needs.

This means they can support you during the night as well as getting enough rest to continue supporting you the following day.

If you wake up very frequently throughout the night, your carer is still there to help you. Our friendly team can talk about making adjustments to better suit your needs which may be to change your plan to ensure both our carers and yourself are satisfied and stay well.

Nightly Support From a Waking Carer

Nightly support from a waking carer is a service where the carer will be awake throughout the night to undertake any care needs. This can be delivered at regular times throughout the night and the carer can undertake any other necessary duties too. It is up to you how long the carer is needed for, we are flexible to fit a trained carer to work around your routines and fulfil any needs throughout the night 

Nightly Support From a Respite Carer

Nightly support from a respite carer is where we arrange for a trained carer to keep you or your loved one company so your regular caregiver can take a break. They will be there to comfort and assist you. This may also be an option to see if overnight care is for your loved one. Talk to a friendly member of our team about the options available for overnight care and the costs and funding options for night-time care.

For more information about the Hourly Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’.

Please click ‘here’ for a direct link to our price plans and home care packages. For more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide.

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