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Palliative Home Care

Churchill Home Care Palliative Care

Churchill Home care knows just how upsetting it can be when a loved one has a terminal illness. Therefore we offer both Hourly and Live-In Palliative Home Care, to help support both you and your loved one, to help make things a bit more comfortable and so you can make the most of your time together.

Palliative Home Care centres on helping to provide relief from pain, stress and the symptoms of a serious illness, in order to help improve quality of life, not just for the patient but also for their loved ones.

Many of our customers have chosen Palliative Care at home rather than going into residential care or a hospice, as this allows them to remain in their own homes in the surroundings that they’re comfortable in. This kind of home care can include personal care, continence care, support with pain management and medications, assistance with mobility around the home, as well as general housekeeping, cooking running errands and of course providing that all-important companionship.

Churchill Home Care provides both Hourly Care and full Live-In care options for Palliative Home Care. Live-In care provides a fully trained and certified carer who will move in with your loved one to help provide support and assistance based on individual needs and requirements. We match the carer based not on your loved one’s needs but also their personality so that they have a companion too, not just a carer. We also have an Advanced Live-In Care option which supplies two carers for loved ones with more serious needs.

Churchill Home Care Palliative Care

Our Hourly Palliative Care provides a carer who will make several visits a day to your loved one, based on the times and needs that are required. This can help assist friends and family who are already providing support at specif times, such as in the mornings with mobility and personal care, or simply for those who require less care.

A huge advantage of Palliative Home Care at home is that it allows loved ones to spend the end of their time in a place where they feel more comfortable and that’s most likely full of memories, a place where they feel most at ease. It provides them with a carer who they will get to know, trust and will be a companion to them which is not only reassuring and comforting to them but also to their loved ones. Care at home also removes any disruption to routines or schedules, allowing friends and family to visit when they want for as long as they want, unlike with residential care or a hospice.

For more information about the Hourly Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’.

For more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’ for a direct link to our price plans and home care packages.

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