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Churchill Home Care Paying For Home CareChurchill Home Care

There are a wide range of funding options available for home care.

Paying For Home Care

Paying For Home Care

An important consideration of home care is paying for home care and how to fund it, depending on your personal circumstances you be able to receive public funding or other finance options.

The majority of our customers fund their care privately if you are funding the care yourself we recommend that you first research to see if any benefits are available. To help point you in the right direction we have provided you with plenty of advice on paying for home care.

About Paying For Home Care

At Churchill Home Care we strive to provide a gold star service that pays attention to the finer details, a home care service that you can trust.
Churchill Home Care Paying For Home Care


Care funding can be a confusing issue, many people are unsure about the funds they are entitled to or how to get them. First of all you need to determine which kind of funding you may be entitled to, healthcare funding or social care funding.
Churchill Home Care Paying For Home Care


When considering your funding options for home care, you should start by exploring state benefits. Depending on an individual’s circumstances and needs there are a variety of benefits that they may be entitled to, which we’ll explore here.
Churchill Home Care

Continuing Healthcare Funding

Those who have ongoing health conditions or care needs that require palliative or complex care may be granted NHS continuing healthcare funding. This fully-funded package allows continuing care at home on a permanent or temporary basis.
Churchill Home Care Paying For Home Care

Personal Health

A personal health budget is an allotment of money from the NHS to support healthcare needs at home. The NHS allotments can be given directly to the person in need to be used to set up a care package with their choice of provider.
Churchill Home Care Paying For Home Care

Social Care Funding

You may be eligible for social care funding from your local authority if you have social care needs such as assistance with personal care, mobility, or retaining your independence.
Churchill Home Care

Immediate Needs Annuity

An immediate needs annuity is a type of long term care insurance that provides a guaranteed regular income to cover the cost fo your care, it pays a tax-free income to your care provider.
Churchill Home Care Paying For Home Care

Lasting Power of Attorney

A lasting power of attorney is one or more people appointed by you to ensure important decisions are made by someone you trust regarding your finances and/or your health.

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