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Churchill Home Care Specialist Care

We provide both Live-In and Visiting Care for specialist needs such as mobility or dementia.

Specialist Care

Specialist Care

At Churchill Home Care we offer extensive care services to help support those with complex and specialist needs, ranging from long-term conditions to deteriorating health.

Our specialist home care support provides assistance and support in familiar surroundings for a variety of needs helping loved ones to live life in their own homes on their own terms.

About Specialist Home Care

At Churchill Home Care we strive to provide a gold star service that pays attention to the finer details, a home care service that you can trust.

What is Specialist Care?

Specialist care provides assistance, support and for people living with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, dementia, stroke survivors and a wide variety of other conditions. No matter what the condition may be, our carers can help your loved ones to live an enriched way of life. Our specialist care also provides short term care for those who may be recovering from an operation or with short term mobility needs.

We will work with you to develop a tailored care plan to suit the support and assistance required, from live-in care to visiting visiting care in the comfort of your own home.


The Benefits

Specialist Home Care enables loved ones to live in the safety and comfort of their own homes whilst keeping much of their independence.

Specialist care allows them to remain in their own homes close to neighbours, family and friends which is a fantastic alternative to residential care. Specialist Home Care also means they don’t have to pack up and uproot their lives which can be daunting at the best of times.

Not to mention, they get to keep their beloved pets if they have any.


Matching Your Carer

We help to match your loved one with the perfect carer not just based on their needs, but based on their personality, to provide true care and companionship. Some of the things we consider are what kind of specialist experience the carer requires or if they need a male or female carer.

To help match them with a carer that will become a true friend, we also look at shared hobbies and interests, such as movies, books and games. As well as considering personality and temperament.


Specialist Support

  • Stoma Care
  • PEG & RIG Feeding
  • Ventilators
  • Colostomy Bags
  • Controlled Medication
  • Specialist Hoisting
  • Mental Health
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson’s
  • Stroke
  • Personal Care
  • Day Trips Out
  • Cooking and Preparing Meals
  • General Housekeeping

Service Highlights

Our mission is to provide care excellence, a gold star home care service that you can trust.

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“Churchill Home Care provides Specialist Care That you can Trust”

Our Specialist Home Care offers support with controlled medications, mental health and behavioural needs, ventilators, stoma care, PEG feeding and colostomy bags. We also offer support with long term health care needs such as:

Strokes – Recovery from strokes can be incredibly slow and can become frustrating, therefore being cared for at home can offer reassurance and help to make it more comfortable.

Multiple Sclerosis – We know that the symptoms can vary and worsen over time, so we help to match a carer that can provide both practical and emotional support and care.

Parkinson’s – Each person who suffers from Parkinson’s does so at varying degrees, therefore we take the time to get to know exactly what level of care is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve answered the questions we get asked about the most with regards to Specialist Care.

What is Specialist Care?

Specialist Care provides support for those with complex care needs in the comfort of their own homes. The type of care will vary depending on the circumstances but is available either as hourly Visiting Care or full Live-In Care. Specialist care can range from ongoing illness to a few weeks of recovery from an operation.

Does Specialist Care Provide Personal Care?

Yes, Specialist Care provides assistance with a large array of day-to-day needs which also includes hygiene and grooming.

Our carers are specially trained to help make personal care more comfortable without compromising anyone’s dignity. They devote time and attention to build trust, and to get to know just how much help they need to offer.

How Much Does Specialist Care Cost?

The cost of Specialist Care can vary depending on the needs of the customer. However, our pricing starts at £18 an hour for Visiting Care or £850 for Live-In Care, a fraction of the cost of a nursing home. Feel free to call us for a bespoke quote.

Is Financial Support Available?

There are some financial support options available. However, they depend on both medical and financial circumstances.

Assistance from local or national government schemes may be available or a release of equity in property to access a tax-free lump sum could also be an option.

You can view more about financial support here.

Our Branch Locations

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Churchill Home Care Halifax

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169 Holgate Road
YO24 4DF
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