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Stroke Care

Churchill Home Care Stroke Care

Churchill Home Care understands that not everyone’s needs are the same, therefore we can tailor a Stroke Care Package based on individual needs and requirements.

There are various ways in which a stroke can affect people, it can affect the way they think, the way the body functions and the way they communicate. Not to mention the emotional distress, anxiety and depression that they can cause.

Stroke Care allows those who have suffered a stroke to recover in the comfort and safety of their own homes, which often helps improve the recovery process. As they are in familiar surroundings and can have loved ones visit anytime for as long as they like.

Stroke Care is available both as Hourly Care from just £18 per hour or Live-In Care from £725 per week.

Churchill Home Care Stroke Care

Strokes are usually caused when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to your brain. Blood clots form where arteries have been narrowed by fatty deposits. Arteries naturally become narrower and harder as we age, although certain lifestyle choices and medical conditions can speed up this process. A bad diet, drinking alcohol and smoking can accelerate this process, as well as medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

One of the most efficient ways of identifying a stroke is using the FAST test.

F – Facial weakness, are the eyes or mouth drooping, can they smile?
A – Arm weakness, can both arms be lifted in the air?
S – Speech problems, Can they speak clearly and coherently?
T – Time to call 999.

You should call 999 immediately if a person fails just one of these tests. Acting fast can help reduce the damage caused by a stroke, the sooner you can get medical assistance the less likely there will be any long term damage or disabilities caused and can even prevent death.

Churchill Home Care Stroke Care

Churchill Home Care is able to provide Stroke Care to adults of all ages from 18 years up, despite popular belief, strokes do not just affect the elderly. We are able to help and assist with a wide range of stroke care needs. We will conduct a full assessment for us to understand the various aspects of support that will need to be provided. This will enable us to create a bespoke Stroke Care Plan and allow us to match you with the ideal carer based on your needs and personality. It will also help to determine whether Hourly Care will suffice or if full Live-In Care is required to assist with the recovery. We will also conduct continuing reviews to determine if the care package needs to be changed to suit your changing needs.

For more information about the Hourly Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’.

For more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’ for a direct link to our price plans and home care packages.

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