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The Benefits of Live-In Care

Churchill Home Care The Benefits of Live-In Care

Live-In Care allows you or a loved one to receive continual support throughout the day and even during the night from one of our fully trained and qualified carers, who will move in with you. This allows you to remain in the comfort and safety of your own home and surroundings.

We will work closely with you to devise a care plan based on your specific needs and requirements. We will also work closely with you to help match you with a carer that suits your personality and demeanour, who also share the same hobbies and interests as you, so that we’re not just providing you with a carer, but a companion too.

Having a Live-In Carer provides you with continual one to one support, throughout the day, unlike hourly care where meal times and schedules are set, you can control your own schedule for the day. Always having someone on hand for when you need it most, provides peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

As a fully managed Live-In Care Service, we are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Therefore we are continuously dedicated to delivering care excellence. Our carers are handpicked, for their wealth of experience as well as being fully trained, certified and DBS checked.

Churchill Home Care The Benefits of Live-In Care

There are multiple benefits of choosing Live-In Care at home rather than residential care homes, the least of which is that it is cheaper than most residential care homes.

Moving can be a daunting and stressful experience at the best of times, moving into a residential care home means a complete change in environment, routine and lifestyle which can be an incredibly stressful experience at a time when stress is needed least.

Live-In Care allows you to remain in the comfortable surroundings of your own home, in close proximity to your neighbours, friends and family so no undue moving stress is caused. We will also help to develop a care plan that is tailored completely around your needs and preferences, to help you to continue living your lifestyle as you wish to, on your terms with minimal, if any, disruption to your regular routine.

You also have the added benefits of receiving one to one care with a carer that we help you to match with based on your personality, interests and hobbies, you can have family and friends come to visit when you like for as long as you like and you even get to keep your beloved pets.

For more information about the Live-In Care Services that we provide, please click ‘here’ for a direct link to our price plans and home care packages.

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